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Intervention Robotics





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The RTE-UPMC research chair "Intervention Robotics" was launched on March 15th, 2011. The goal of this chair is to develop methods and tools for the automatic design and the validation of robots and their control laws dedicated to interventions in complex industrial environments (e.g. fabrication, construction, maintenance and dismantling of complex industrial products or sites in the domains of construction and public works, production and transportation of energy, naval construction and aeronautics...) where the level of human expertise is high and hard to replace thus inducing comanipulation strategies. The chair is funded for five years by a sponsorship   of the french company RTE which is in charge of maintaining the French electricity network. Sponsorship of the chair is open to other partners via the "Fondation UPMC".

This research  is conducted within the ISIR lab of UPMC. ISIR (Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics) is a robotics research lab associated with UPMC and CNRS.

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Source: courtesy of RTE.